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Sahara Jane Collections was started by Ji Myeng Kang and Sahara Jane to bring high quality hand-loomed woolen scarves and shawls to Canada from the Kullu region in the Himalayas. Ji Myeng is an artist living in India and Sahara Jane is a musician traveling frequently between Asia and Canada. They wanted to start a business to bring the beauty of remote crafts people to a wider audience as well as to give back to the communities where they live. Every sale from SJC contributes to support DARE, an organization that provides food, lodging and education to the children in need in Varanasi.

This year SJC has grown to include Silk Scarves from Varanasi, Brass Jewellery from Rajasthan and Macrame Jewellery from Goa. We have also welcomed Daunt Lee to the team.  You can find us at shows, markets (find out where at and here online for some items. You can always get in touch if you have any questions!
Handloomed Himalayan Stoles
  • Handloomed Himalayan Stoles
  • Handloomed Himalayan Stoles
  • Handloomed Himalayan Stoles



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These shawls are handmade of the softest wool. They are light, warm and comfortable on your skin. We have three different designs and 5 colours to choose from.

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